Allied Studies takes it’s name from the university model of adding “Allied Studies” to a school or department when the content is related to, but not traditionally part of, the core academic area. This is the case for a number of Education entities with the resulting name: “Education and Allied Studies”.

As an educator, I have become convinced that areas of study allied to education are actually as important as the core concept. The education our children are currently receiving in both K-12 and Higher Ed institutions ignores long proven information from realms that include Brain Research, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics, yet there is no incentive to improve the process. High stakes testing (including AP & SAT, etc.) and the poorly named “Data Driven” decisions that inform the administrative side create an environment that confines teachers and actually hinders learning.

This site is offered as a resource for parents, teachers, administrators, and anyone else looking for ideas and methods that connect “education” to the related content called life through a process called learning…


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