Setting the stage…

There are significant changes coming to public K-12 schools in the form of Common Core State Standards and ongoing No Child Left Behind (NCLB) discussions. High stakes testing cheating scandals have emerged as state-wide issues in at least two states, suggesting fundamental flaws in both the concept and the system.

Locally, the Cleveland Heights – University Heights Schools where my children are currently enrolled have removed gifted programming and resources form most elementary schools while announcing K-5 restructuring designed to fill only part of the gap left by pulling the Gifted programming. At the same time the district administration is moving toward the “K-12 Pathways” proposal that asks parents and students to choose a school based on three vague areas of student interest. There is minimal information available about this pending program, and it is a huge initiative coming directly on the heels of the One-to-One Laptop program.

In both the Gifted changes and the One-to-One initiative, the district has shown minimal foresight or evidence of planning. This trend continues with the K-12 Pathways, particularly when one stops to ask about the rationale or wonder how an incoming Kindergarten student can make a choice about their area of interest.

Oh, there’s a levy on the ballot as well…

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