Learning as potential energy

I’m a humanities person with an interest in science inspired by the curiosity that drives scientific method. Potential energy is a alluring concept and I suspect I relate to it because of how much potential my teachers told me I have. I’m thinking about it now because of the time I’ve been spending on Twitter (@alliedstudies if you care).

I currently follow about 140 accounts which expose me to a wide range of information and opinions. I would guess that about 1000 tweets flow through my feed in any given 24 hour period. I see a good amount of information the reinforces my perspective on learning and education, I see information that I am aware of but disagree with, and I see information that doesn’t yet connect to other ideas I hold. That’s the reason I work to keep up with this torrent of information — I’m really there for the “new” idea that will help make a few more connections in my evolving view of the world. I’m there for the potential…

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